A Day at Meyer Dairy

[Originally published here at OnwardState.com on April 17, 2015]

I don’t know about you, but I can’t recall the last time I’ve seen a gallon of milk sold in a glass jug. You’re probably thinking that this old-fashion norm is long gone, but it’s not.

Meyer Dairy on South Atherton only sells milk in glass jugs, but this isn’t even the coolest part of this underrated, futurized farm stand.

“My brother and I thought of the idea, and then we founded Meyer Dairy in December of 1970,” said Joseph C. Meyer, who owns the business. “We’re farmers, so we produce our own milk. We put it in a drop tank and bring it up from the farm. We process and bottle all the milk [in the shop].”

He went on to explain that they sold only milk for a while, but added products along the way, including a wide variety of ice cream. The flavors they offer change daily depending on supply and demand, but a few unique ones they offer are chocolate toasted almond, maple walnut, black raspberry, and chocolate chip brownie dough (which I got to sample, thanks to my friend Megan working at the counter, and it was to die for). Besides grabbing cones and bowls of ice cream, you can also snag a half-gallon of your favorite flavor, granted it isn’t already sold out.

In recent years, Meyer Dairy has expanded its beverage horizons. Not only can you buy 2%, chocolate, skim, and whole milk in a glass jug, but lemonade, orange drink, ice tea, and fruit punch are available as well. You also have the choice of returning the glass jug, reusing it, or just keeping it, but the latter costs a bit more.

Among all the dairy products is a wide variety of other wonderfully odd products. For instance, Meyer Dairy only sells Middleswarth chips, a brand native to central Pennsylvania only. They also have normal food, like cheeseburgers and hot dogs, which are relatively cheap. They sell homemade apple butter made and provided by the Ferguson Township Lions Club.

I know that it’s hard for any Penn State student to stray from the familiarity of the Creamery, but I can testify that it’s worth it. I’m not saying one is necessarily better than the other, but Meyer Dairy could definitely give the Creamery a run for it’s money if it wasn’t located so far down South Atherton. It’s also significantly more homey; the walls are decked with those little lace doilies and the staff is incredibly friendly.

Take a townies word for it. Meyer Dairy rules.


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