7th annual Entrepreneurial Women’s Expo to hit State College on October 5th

[Originally published here at PABusinessCentral.com on September 30, 2016]

State College, PA – The forefront of business has long been male dominated. However, in recent decades, women have begun to rise to the challenge and break through this glass ceiling.

In celebration of that, business women from all over the state will come together on Wednesday, Oct. 5 to share ideas on business, networking and personal and financial growth at the 7th annual Entrepreneurial Women’s Expo (EWE).

The expo will comprise of several workshops, two in the morning and two in the afternoon, as well as two keynote speeches. The creator of EWE, Jessica Dolan, will officially kick off the expo at 9 a.m. with a welcome speech. This will be followed by a brief speech from the platinum sponsor of this year’s EWE, Elizabeth King, who speaks very highly of the expo.

“I have been to a lot of conferences and this one is up there with the very best. I doubt folks realize how much effort goes into such an event but I do,” King said in a testimonial.

Following the welcome speeches will be the opening keynote, Embracing the Wild Woman Within, which will be presented by Stephanie Yost, founder of The Whole Life Coach and Gumtree Growth. Yost is certified as a professional co-active coach with The Coaches Training Institute and specializes in “partnering with powerful people who are ready to start a revolution in their own lives as well as in the world,” according to The Whole Life Coach website.

“To permanently shift out of the pervasive disease of overwhelm and under-enjoyment, one needs to reclaim all the parts of oneself (most importantly, those perceived as wild, unruly, messy, i.e. unworthy),” said Yost. “Potentially the hardest and most life-giving work any human can do is to learn how to accept those orphaned aspects of self, regardless of anyone else’s threat of love or approval. This is about the very business of learning how to love oneself, plain and simple.”

As a life coach, Yost works to better the lives of many individuals, men and women, by offering a wide range of services from 90-minute phone calls on a weekly basis to group discussions to create a community of well-being and empowerment. However, she plans to speak of the empowerment of women in her keynote speech at the expo.

“This is 2016. We all know that the value of women leaders in the home, at work and in society is no longer an issue to debate,” Yost said. “However, what is missed in this acceptance of this new normal is the very real and insidious issue of what keeps a woman from sharing her true voice, her spirit and her grit and how this subtle habit of suppression dilutes her desired impact. We are each here to be fully expressed.”

The EWE will not only empower women; it will also empower the planet. EWE prides itself on being a “green event”, meaning the convention is as environmentally friendly as possible. Participants are encouraged to register and pay online, to promote by word of mouth and online marketing rather than paper brochures, to use cloth tablecloths for their displays, and to avoid promotional giveaways that “clutter up your home and office.”

The expo will take place at Celebration Hall in State College. However, the expo is not a public event as registration closed on Sep. 22.


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